Binary Options are Simple

No confusion with binary options

No confusion with Binary Options

You open the morning paper, or you are about to have dinner and watch the news on TV. You hear about the latest market movements and volatility that has become a fact of life of all the major markets for the last several weeks.

Volatility has been all over as day after day the markets switch from positive to negative every time, and move by several percent in all sectors, currencies, stocks, bonds and commodities alike.

With all this confusion around us, how can you still win with binary options?

Precisely, binary options unlike other investments available are ideal for this time of upheaval and uncertainty in the daily markets.

Indeed, binary options allow you to enter and exit positions on the market quickly while you stay in control and you choose the exact timing.

Predicting the direction of the markets is almost impossible, as there is no prophet who can know for 100% where the markets will be next week.

However it is very easy to follow the trend and surf the waves of the market.

Indeed, a daily market with clear trends such as the turbulences of our reality in the last few weeks enables you to enter a trade during the day when the trend is already strong and surf the wave (up as down) for 15min, 1h, or even longer.

No matter if the market moves 0.5%, 2% or even 5% you will receive a profit over 70% for your invested capital.

Don’t regret missing those current waves, go ahead and start to trade binary options today.

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Warning,Binary Options Brokers ahead

Warning Binary Options Brokers

Beware of dangerous Binary Options Brokers

As we mentioned earlier binary options trading has become a trendy fashion and more and more people are discovering every day this simplified investment method.

As the public demand is growing every day, more and more binary option brokers appear on the market and offer their service  to traders.

The brokers are in a very competitive market trying to grab public attention by offering ever increasing profit rates as well as welcome bonuses. Other brokers have to find ways more original ways to draw the attention of traders such as offering an IPAD to new customers, etc..

We at would like to notify you from time to time of potential risk and danger when choosing your binary option broker.

Indeed, many new traders have been very disappointed with the customer service of some brokers, while other had difficulties to withdraw money from their account with some problematic brokers.

That’s why we at Binary Option Brokers feel the need to warn you that the “looks” of the brokers can be deceiving.

With that in mind as we are a group of experienced traders, we decided to create this site, in order to publish and share our experience with different binary options brokers. Therefore the reviews you will find on our site were written only after having made a thorough test of each broker and having ensured the quality of service.

Unlike other binary options sites, we are committed that the brokers who figure on our broker reviews page comply with an impeccable standard, for that reason you will only see a selected and restrained numbers of binary options brokers on our site.

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Choosing your Binary Options Broker-Part2

Last week we reviewed a few important factors while choosing your broker.

We discussed the importance of the Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Policy of the major brokers.

Today we would like to share with you some important facts regarding the all important Payout rates as well as Deposit Bonuses.

Usually the first thing that any binary options broker will mention and highlight in any advertisement (being on google adwords,facebook,or on banners)will be their Payout ratio.

Most Brokers will offer a Payout ratio of between 70%-85%. While you could find brokers offering as low as 65% and as high as 95% those are rare and usually limited to some specific time frames,trading method or assets.

Since most brokers usually offer the same assets,trading platform and other features, the Payout ratio becomes a critical point in choosing which broker to trade binary options with.

As a general rule it would make a lot of sense to choose the highest average payout available on the market.

Just to give you an example, AnyOption offer a default payout of 71%, while the new broker XPMarkets offers 81% for exactly the same.

That’s a 15% extra return for the same investment just by choosing wisely.

On the other side you should note that some brokers also offer a partial refund if your option expires out of the money ( meaning that you lost on your trade).

As such AnyOption offers a 15% refund on most of your losing trades, which means that if you bought an option for 100$ with them, you would have two possible scenarios:

1.Winning: A 71% payout,thus your profit would be 71$ and you would now have 171$ in your account.

2.Losing: A 15% return refund, thus your loss would be 85$, and you would be left with 15$ in your account.

AnyOption Offering a 15% Refund on Losing Trades

AnyOption Offering a 15% Refund on Losing Trades

Check out our recommended brokers category so you could have a good look at the different binary options brokers and what they each offer.

Keep close and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by filling in the form on the top right side of the page in order to get the latest updates, posts, promotions and much more.

On our next post we will discuss the whole important Deposit Bonuses with the different brokers and how it could help you in choosing the right broker.

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Choosing the Best Binary Options Broker

The first critical decision you will take as an binary options trader will be to choose which broker to trade with.

Like we explained earlier Binary Options trading has been online for only about 2 years,while people have been trading Stocks and Forex for more than 10 years online.

There are some important factors you should consider when making your choice of broker and we at would like to guide you through this process.

Minimum Deposit:

The first parameter you should consider is obviously the minimum amount the broker requires for your first deposit.

Most of the brokers will ask you to deposit a minimum of 200 USD (or Euros) that includes: XPMarkets,24Option,etc.

Some of them might allow you deposit only 100USD (or Euros) like: AnyOption for example.

Withdrawal Policy:

Obviously the second question you should ask yourself would be what is the brokers’ withdrawal policy,mainly what would be the minimum required withdrawal amount?

Some Brokers will require a minimum amount of 200 USD while others are more flexible.

This will be an important factor especially to the smaller traders.

What are the withdrawals methods available?

The easiest and fastest way you should look for is withdrawal directly to your credit card.

This method is fast,cheap and saves you a lot of paperwork.

Some brokers will only accept wire transfers and would thus require you to send some proof of your identity (copy of your passport,etc.) as well your Banking Details and other relevant information.

At this time it would also be smart to check for any hidden costs related to any withdrawal,as some brokers will ask for a fee,while others’ will limit you to 1 cost-free withdrawal per month.

What are the withdrawals delays?

As a general rule you should keep in mind that most brokers will guarantee that you will get your money within 7 days.


This is a first of a series of special posts focusing on all you need to know to choose your binary options broker.

Make sure to check back soon for the next part of our series where we will address other important factors like bonuses and payouts.

As all traders live according to the famous saying “Time is Money” we give you the option to choose different ways to get our latest posts.

You can choose between our Free Newsletter,Facebook,Twitter or our own RSS Feed.

Whatever you choose to trade today we hope it’s profitable!



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Binary Options Market Review for 12 November

Binary Options Analysis:
It is the drop that has dominated almost all of last week. The euphoric episode of the election of Barack Obama to the White House was not on. Quickly, investors have postponed their attention on economic figures for the euro area, the challenges of the US economy and Greece discussions.

In the end, nothing very positive what has obviously prompted operators to caution. Binary options had a particular interest in a rather down market because they can be used as a coverage tool. It was therefore entirely appropriate.

Places of trade overall has been over low to high.

However, it should be noted that the Paris CAC 40 index has managed to pull his own Friday despite disappointing results from Credit Agricole, which weighed a good part of the day on the coast. The index ended up + 0.47 percent to 3.423,57 points.

On the other hand, the German counterpart of CAC, DAX did not this chance ending down 0.6 percent to 7.163,5 points. The German index has not reflected the good US consumer confidence index and the market participants have, it seems, continued to express their concerns because the United States and the Greece.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

The week will not start on the head. It’s a good thing, investors will be able to relax a little. Today, it has been, at least for those who trade the Asian session, the only statistics concerned the Japan and they did not much influence on the course, including the Nikkei 225.

The week is actually going to start tomorrow with the publication of the ZEW survey which could strongly decrease the consensus. We will return on the detailed figures tomorrow morning and also the monthly budget report in the United States.

The German figures will above all have interest with respect to the recent remarks made by Mr Draghi (ECB) who stated that the country is now more away from the crisis. The ZEW survey was likely to confirm this.

On the other side of the Atlantic, it is once again the question the deficit but, above all, the famous ‘wall tax’ (also called “fiscal cliff”) that will shake the markets. It expected a resumption of discussions at the Congress really this week. The United States has seven weeks to reach a consensus. However, everyone is agree on the desirability of avoiding the “fiscal cliff”. In a gallery, the nobel prize in economics, Mr Krugman, so called Barack Obama not to yield, and not to extend the tax cuts. This would lead to the American Central Bank, of significant revenue for the federal Government but could hand to curb growth and eventually bring the country into recession. Discussion to follow so.


Best Binary Options Brokers tip of the day:

Today, the opportunities will be low to make interesting gains. Moreover, there are many investors who will benefit from this Monday to do something other than trading. In the absence of statistics, it is indeed better to not run trades. Unless you are really sure of itself.

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Binary Options Market Review for 7 November

Binary Options Analysis:
Yesterday, the U.S. election held in suspense investors who were to rush on the places of trade. It expected in fact a worse scenario. The consequence of this is that news and movements have been generally quite poor, especially in Paris.

This however has not prevented the places of European exchanges to make a nice bounce. Index CAC 40 Paris square took + 30,16 points to 3.478,66 points yesterday in a quiet market. The same scenario occurred in Frankfurt and London, who both finished in progress: the Dax index won + 0.70% to 7.377,76 points despite the bad numbers orders to industry in September, and the FTSE-100 gained + + 0.79 to 5.884,9 points.

On the side of values, it was rather the flat calm with enough little movements. It was just noted the tumble of l ‘ Oréal in day on the Paris stock exchange. Decidedly, the exchanges were relatively weak.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

Now that the outcome of the U.S. presidential election is known, investors may turn to economic concerns. They are rather numerous in this automneL’ economic agenda will be however little loaded today with only a few data European like monthly retail sales and industrial production in Germany. In both cases, these figures are likely to confirm that the euro area is on the edge of recession. It remains now to know how important the market will give its figures because PMI of yesterday and the commands to the industry, yet bad, had no impact on the evolution of the European indices.

Investors will also be attention to the Greek soap opera which continues today. Originally a Greek Parliament vote is expected today to endorse the new austerity measures but it is not certain that it will take place. Information from Athens are contradictory weeks which maintains a certain excitement of investors.

Finally, should also pay attention to some values in particular on the Paris Exchange place. It expected quarterly results of major French banks who, yesterday, have rather good performance despite a difficult environment.


Best Binary Options Brokers tip of the day:

Invest on defensive values in the medium term on the Stock Exchange remains a good solution because the concerns are many and even if we can expect a slight resurgence of optimism in the wake of the U.S. election, the many challenges of the global economy remain and will remember fairly quickly to the good memory of investors. This is not the time to take risks with investments that could prove disastrous in a few weeks.

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Binary Options Market Review for 5 November

Binary Options Analysis:
Last week was marked by two major events on the places of exchanges: the closure of Wall Street for two days because of weather events, and very good US statistics which were strewn with the week.

In Asia, the closure of Wall Street has not really caused Eddy. Investors had enough to do with the decision of the Bank of Japan to expand its program of acquisitions of assets, badly received decision and figures from China which reassured a little while since several weeks experts wonder about the slowdown of the world economy. This has enabled the Tokyo Stock Exchange finished in positive on the week with an increase of 1.32% in weekly.

In Europe, the closure of Wall Street weighed in early in the week and exchanges have not found their normal level as Wednesday. London Square has not really allowed to offset the absence of American operators despite its strong growth in recent years. While the United Kingdom seems to come out of the recession, investors became concerned by the European figures that show that even the Germany is now not spared by the crisis. However, the DAX confirms its position on the week of high European value with + 1.47% while other European indices are generally less well. The woes at the Greece level have obviously also weighed on the stock market dynamics.

In the United States, the good figures are accumulated and it been well received by operators despite a rather short week. The American real estate market confirms its recovery while consumer confidence is on the rise. Job creation are also in good progress but the unemployment rate has however escalated in October from + 0.1 point. It is still difficult to know exactly what we reserve for the coming months labour market. In any case Wall Street ended the week in the green.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

Today, operators will continue to digest the U.S. figures Friday. Anyway, the economic news is not very dense with only at 10: 30 the European Sentix index and 4 p.m. the ISM non-manufacturing index for October. It should be noted that the consensus expects a decline to 54.5 against 55.1 previously. If this figure is confirmed, it could weigh a bit on the morale of the operators.

The next few days will be important with several meetings of central banks (RBA, ECB, BoE including) and many European indicators that should confirm the deterioration of economic activity. This may have an influence on the holding of the European places.

Finally, it expected an outcome in Greece and perhaps a request for official aid from the Spain although it was slow, and the latest information in our possession indicates no willingness by Madrid to appeal to Europeans.

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Binary Options Market Review for 29 October

Binary Options Analysis:
The week elapsed on equity markets and indices was essentially marked by many companies to share results and across the Atlantic. If there has been clear sky for some American companies, on the whole, the results were rather disappointed and orient markets downward. Facebook has managed to impress but side Apple has deeply disappointed investors, confirming the passage that the new technologies sector undergoes a reverse of medal in this period of uncertainty.

Central banks have also played low profile although rumours have circulated on intervention by the Bank of Japan and the Fed confirmed the establishment of the QE3. Incidentally, the American Central Bank welcomed the continuation of the return to growth. Figures for the third quarter give reason to the American broadcast Institute as GDP grew by + 2% annualized. This allowed the Parisian place finish last week in the green but Wall Street remained in a bearish direction.

The Spain was the other major topic of the past week. Degradation of the note of five Spanish regions by Moody’s earlier this week had pushed the markets down. This decision was taken while investors were still waiting for a gesture of Madrid in order to appeal to external assistance. The situation is urgent, as demonstrated by the boost of over 25% unemployment rate. However, the remarks made by a German member of the ECB also raised questions. He said that a request for assistance will not automatically cause an intervention by the ECB on the secondary market to buy debt. Seen, the economic and financial context is still quite difficult to grasp, prompting investors to extreme caution. Volumes traded last week were also not very important.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

The week beginning may be marked for the European stock exchanges by the downward orientation of the New York Stock Exchange which sends a negative signal to investors. The same issues that have made the news last week will be still at the forefront of concerns, whether the economic health of Europe, the values of banking in France facing a degradation of activity or even the request for help from the Spain that is slow to arrive.

US statistics will be also numerous and important with the famous report on the employment and unemployment in the United States at the weekend and indicators on consumer confidence. Europe will not be spared with indicators for the manufacturing sector and figures on the unemployment rate.

Overall, the downward trend remains on the medium-term, including ACC that may have some trouble to sustainably revive the 3,500 points level.

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Binary Options Market Review for 25 October

Binary Options Analysis:
It was expected the worse for the Parisian trade place but finally the ACC has managed to finish in green, and not a little since he won + 0.59% which allowed the index to find the 3,400 points. The volumes were still low despite a dense news. Potential investors are in fact position themselves.

As noted by a Saxo Bank Analyst: ‘good statistics in the United States and China have somewhat supported the trend. Indeed, Chinese manufacturing activity nears the crucial level of 50, synonymous with economic expansion and across the Atlantic, we could still see once more, the real estate industry is resumed. Some good results from US companies, mainly of the Facebook network, also argued the trend.

Yet the concern was great in the morning and we were you also fear of the fall of the index and the pessimism of many investors because of a poor German Ifo index and a very strong contraction of the activity of the private sector in the euro area.

On the side of the Parisian values, STMicroelectronics has finished at the top of the ACC with + 3.66% despite declining sales. Also, EADS won + 2.82% under the effect of the announcement of an order for 7.5 billion dollars on behalf of Singapore Airlines. On the other hand, non-CAC, the title of PSA sank with-4,57%. Meeting the group reached one lowest since 1986. Investors are concerned about the growing interventionism of the French authorities in the management of the group.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

Today, the market will still pay attention to the many results that will be reported by the companies on both sides of the Atlantic. The season is not yet over, and hope that the good news yesterday will find new echoes. But basically, it is rather the pessimism that prevails among investors. On the side of values at the Paris Bourse, it will take still monitor the title Peugeot after the sharp fall yesterday, a technical rebound is possible. However, the problems of the automotive group persist and formalized using the Government raises in the end more questions than expected among shareholders which should cause even a few hot tub.

Finally the side of statistics, the day will be clearly quieter than yesterday where the eurozone PMI indicators marched one after the other. The publication at 10 a.m. of the money supply in the euro area will bring interesting items on the continent but will have no impact on the market. At 14 h 30, the volatility will be at its peak with three American flags: the Chicago Fed index, durable goods orders and new weekly requests for unemployment benefit. Expected overall in good figures, which could allow Paris instead to follow a session of rise. Finally, ongoing U.S. housing resales should a priori confirm the net recovery of the real estate sector. This is good news when it knows the critical importance of this sector for the growth of the world economy.

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Binary Options Market Review for 24 October

Binary Options Analysis:
The upsurge of tensions on Spanish debt and the very disappointing business on both sides of the Atlantic have had a disastrous effect on indices Europeans who have all ended in sharp decline: the ACC lost-2,20% away now much the level of 3,500 points while that LSE ceded-1,44%, that of Frankfurt-2,11%,-1,81% Milan and Madrid-1,64%. The Pan-European Euro Stoxx index does not better escaped with-2,08%.

On the bond market, the resurgence of concerns around the situation of the autonomous regions in Spain is translated by a rise in the rate to 10 years in the country that is passed around 5.63% versus 5.5% early in the week.

The context is therefore rather morose for investors that many do not position itself yesterday. Thus, if we take the case of the Paris Bourse, exchanges have reached only 3 billion EUR, which is rather low. In the absence of positive indications, most prudent decided to remain in their positions. A strong wait was so palpable.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

Today, investors will be what to do. If we can be sorry that the first two sessions of the week were rather bleak, with very low volumes, Wednesday will allow to set the record straight at the time.

Yet once the attention of traders on the stock exchange will be in the direction of quarterly publications with new technological values expected in the United States. At the French level, the turnover figures for the third quarter for several companies will be published (Peugeot, BIC, Klépierre, IPSOS). Peugeot may at 8 pm in the morning cause some whirlpool because of financial difficulties well known French automotive group which is also more listed on the CAC 40 since September. In difficulty, the group might also benefit from the help of the French State, which would be prepared to guarantee up to 7 billion euros to the banking subsidiary of the constructor.

-Side statistics, there will be lots of ads which could lead to volatility, especially in the morning. PMI indicators services and manufacturers of many countries of the euro area are expected. Those for the France will be published at 9 h before those for the Germany at 9: 30. The business climate in the first economy of the euro area is also provided at 10 a.m. with a 101.5 estimate which would be a slight increase.

In the afternoon, new housing sales and the House price index will be other indicators to follow for 16 h before the determination of monetary policy by the FED at 8: 15 which is not a surprise for a priori operators.

The meeting will be fragile, hectic with possible movement on the price. Indicators could push the side a bit more downward. It must graphically monitor brackets to position itself successfully on the market.

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Binary Options Market Review for 23 October

Binary Options Analysis:
We had announced, the Parisian trade place will now evolve based on the results of companies. We saw yesterday: disappointment by investors compared to the announced figures, direct consequence the ACC finished (-0,61%). The 3,500 points level is not so very far because the index is only 17 points of this level which remains a reassuring anchor for many operators.The market wavered a large part of the day. The victory of the Party of the head of the Spanish Government in Galicia was welcomes as it could accelerate a request for official help from the Spain. This is not certain, but it is at least that many think among analysts and operators.

This victory certainly attenuated ACC losses while the business results have been disappointing, which is in no way a surprise. The figures are not pleasing. The revisions to the decline in the annual results of Caterpillar has thrown a cold while he announced a quarterly profit surging and expected better. This means in other words that the worst is approach for businesses. The announcement follows a very disappointing last week and more in the high technology sector.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

Today, a configuration of rather similar to that of the past market presents itself. Macroeconomic indicators are few so operators should be tempted to focus only on the results which could increase ACC losses.At the French level, attention will be on second-order companies before Peugeot Wednesday, Renault, Dassault, Saint Gobain and even France Telecom Thursday. The companies concerned are SEB, Faurecia or bioMérieux. These are not the values of the coast but results bad could emphasize the concern of operators while big names are expected in a few days.

The trend may be bearish for the CAC less than a decisive action of the Spain but no signal in this direction is noticeable at the moment.

-Side statistics, we said, there is little to be put in the tooth with only the index of consumer confidence in the eurozone to 4 p.m. that could influence prices at the margin on the Parisian square.

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Binary Options Market Review for 22 October

Binary Options Analysis:
Global indices themselves are redone a health last week with a backdrop of many macroeconomic indicators, the pursuit of results from companies in the United States and a European Summit that has not led to progress, despite recent comments by the French Government.

The CAC40, Parisian index par excellence for operators, has managed to show a significant week + 3.76% increase even if profit-taking weighed on the trend Friday. The week was hectic and, even if the statistics are passed in the background, operators have had to do with several rumors concerning a request for assistance of the Spain and the disappointing in the United States for Google and Microsoft, which have however not too weighed on the trend in Paris. Bank values have been a good week as Société Générale and Credit Agricole have finally succeeded to his withdraw their subsidiaries in Greece while we’re still waiting for the payment of the next tranche of aid to the countries. The agreement reached between the France and the Germany on the banking union has also promoted an increase in French banks on week titles. This union will see the day as in January 2014 and non-2013. Friday, profit-taking have played also with losses sometimes-2%.

Technology stocks in Paris ended the week in Bern: STMicroelectronics has lost much ground (-3,52%) directly penalized by the poor performance of U.S. technology stocks. Several analysts believe that the sector will suffer of tightening economic conditions in 2013.

Among the good performance: Carrefour has ripped off an excellent performance Friday (+ 5.85%), while the group is seeking at all costs to recenter. The Distributor has announced his departure from several countries, including the Colombia. The transfer of its activities in this Latin American country should return around 2 billion euros, according to analysts.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

The week starting on Monday will enable a refocusing by operators on economic data and quarterly results, once the European past go. New speculation about a request for help from the Spain may at any time have an impact on the stock exchange in Paris, but unless you are seeing, no one is able for the moment and whether Madrid will make this request.

As a result, operators will be able to appreciate, in a market without large volume today, the day two statistics: the confidence of consumers in the euro area and the Federal Reserve of Richmond index on the manufacturing sector.

The decline seen last week may persist on the CAC and other indexes in the very short term.

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Binary Options Market Review for 18 October

Binary Options Analysis:
Third day of improvement for Europe and including the CAC 40 yesterday. Operators apparently welcomed quite positively past quarterly publications of the American firms, especially Bank of America figures, and above all are relieved to see the Spanish, thorny problem for already several months, about to be resolved.

Result, the CAC ended up + 0.76% to 3.527,50 points. The 3,500 points level is therefore supported by this new progress. The other places of exchanges in Europe ended on a note similar since the DAX has, for example, won + 0.25% yesterday.

Cyclical values overall reacted well, it’s normal course in a context of the risk appetite and conversely defensive so-called values ended in retreat, especially in Paris. The Bank values have almost all finished in a good position. Société Générale, which had yet begun the session in the red because of an ad that had a little distraught operators, finished with a gain of + 3.28% yesterday. On the other hand, Credit Agricole has continued to grind the black while the Group finally managed to give its subsidiary Greek and ended down-2,86%. Operators were concerned about the cost of this assignment on the quarterly results of the group that will be announced soon. According to non-official sources, this assignment could cost some 2 billion euros to Crédit Agricole.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

Today, the attention of the markets will be still monopolized by the Spanish situation and approach of the European Summit, which starts late afternoon in Bruxelles.Dans this context, many statistics of the day, as U.S. unemployment claims, will surely little weigh in on the trend.

The bond issue of the Spain to 10 years which will take place at 10 h 45 will however draw attention. Stock market operators scruteront two points, namely, if the Spain manages to raise enough money from the fixed target and if rates of return are declining. Considering the latest rumors about the Spain, this show should happen and could support the trend.

The Summit opens at 16 h 45 according to the latest information from Brussels. The menu of discussions is already known to all. The only issue outstanding is when the Spain is going to seek help from the European Union. Before the opening of the meeting, it is likely that profit-taking weigh on the trend because operators will seek to retrieve their gains of the last days before this important event. Prudence will also result in very low volumes traded this morning. It, the European Summit will cause a few cold sweats to investors. More information will be released late in the evening and also tomorrow on the outcome of the discussions.

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Binary Options Market Review for 17 October

Binary Options Analysis:
The Parisian market completed in very good shape yesterday with a gain of + 2.36% to 3.500,94 points. Crucial the 3,500 points level now reached!

According to the news agency Bloomberg, the Germany would have inflected significantly its position on the Spain. Berlin would be willing to that the European emergency fund grants a line of credit to the Spain and not just banks. Such a line of credit would be obviously sufficient to trigger the new European Central Bank debt buyback program. Until now, Berlin had estimated that the Spain did not need further assistance because its economy is strong enough. If this news is confirmed, then this will be very good news that could restore lasting smile to investors.

Furthermore, statistics still came the Parisian market help since industrial production has rebounded as expected in September in the United States. This follows several good figures published earlier as the German ZEW index and inflation in the euro zone.

On the side of values, the Bank still once capitalised on rumours from the Germany: Crédit Agricole has finished at the top of the CAC 40, followed closely by BNP Paribas and Société Générale, which ended up on respective increases of + 4.33 to + 3.86%.


Best Binary Options Brokers Forecast:

Today, the quarterly results will be the order of the day even though we must acknowledge that they have so far influenced very marginally the trend. The operators appear to be quickest to turn to the European Summit until the results of companies…

On statistics, the session will be rather quiet with the Parisian place for only two American spots in early afternoon: permits to build expected to + 0, 810 M and + 0, 770 M housing constructions. Figures for the market of real estate in the United States have a special interest for the operators because it is an important area for US growth. The latest indicators confirmed a turnaround in the sector. Operators will today seek a confirmation of this movement.

However, it will have to recognize that it’s still the prospect of a request for assistance from the Spain that will be the course. You will particularly expected confirmation of the rumors of the day before. The Paris CAC 40 index could therefore align its third meeting in a row since Monday if all goes as planned. Distrust because it will be necessary to cope with profit-taking also.

Finally, it must also keep an eye on the charts since consequential psychological levels have been reached.

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